Choosing Best Medicare Advantage Plans 2019


If a person has just turned 65 years old or is going to become 65 years, then it is time for him to decide how he is going to pay his medical bills. Medicare advantages plans are health insurance policies offered by private insurance companies to help people cover up for their medical expenditures. These companies offer a variety of insurance plans to choose from and help a person buy a plan based on one’s individual needs. They cover hospital costs, medical costs and prescription drugs costs.  However, not all plans include all the insurance costs.

Benefits included in Medicare advantages plans

We know that the original Medicare plans Part A and Part B covers up most of the costs but not all costs. That is why a person decides to get Medicare advantages plans also known as Medigap. These plans help a person to pay some of the expenses which the original Medicare plan does not cover up. Some of the benefits included in Medicare advantages plans are:

  • Hospital insurance that covers inpatient service in Part A
  • Medical insurance that covers doctor’s service and outpatient care in Part B
  • Any extra benefits with the above two comes under Part c
  • Optional drug plan under part D
  • Lastly, included are the out of pocket costs like coinsurance, deductibles and copayments.

Even though these benefits are included in Medicare advantages plans, there are some costs that are not included like:

  • A regular check up at the dentist or eye doctor
  • Long term care in a nursing home
  • Medical devices such as hearing aids, eye glasses or dentures
  • Prescription drugs plan
  • Private nursing care.

Son, when one is going to purchase Medicare advantages plans, then he has to take into consideration the benefits included in each plan.

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Before deciding to buy Medicare advantages plan, a person has to keep in mind some of the additional features of such plans. They are:

  • A person must already possess Part A and Part B in order to obtain a Medicare advantages plan
  • Medicare advantages plan is also known by the name of Medigap and hence they should be clearly defined as such.
  • These plans cover up only for a single person. Hence if the person’s spouse or any other family member wants one, then they should get it separately.
  • These plans are renewable as long as the person pays the annual premium.

Hence before choosing a proper Medicare advantages plans, one has to keep in mind all these points.