Fun Arts and Crafts To Make Money With

A great way to spend your time during retirement is to put your talents to work and make a little money off of the fun crafts and trinkets you enjoy making. Rather than spend time researching Medicare supplement plans, make new household items that you can sell in an online store. People love handmade items and you can have fun making them.


One thing people seem to always have in their house is a nice smelling candle. If you know how to make a candle, come up with your own scents and designs for a nice homemade product. Or you can buy cheap, plain candles and design a nice creative holder for it to be displayed in. Customize them with funny or clever sayings or tie nice bows around them. No matter what you do to a candle, it is still going to make every home feel that much more “homey”.


Medicare Supplement plan gIf you are a good knitter and love relaxing while making blankets, try selling some you have already made that are laying around. Blankets are obviously very comfortable and useful, but also make great decorative pieces for couches and chairs. You can make different sizes and designs for different occasions. If you know of a friend or family member about to have a baby, knit a tiny blanket for the baby to enjoy. They also make great graduation presents with school colors on them.


You can make different pictures by constructing large puzzles or by following bead design pictures. Put them in frames when you are done and put them up for sale. Putting time and effort into those kinds of puzzles can be very rewarding and also make for beautiful pictures that people would definitely want to buy. In the meantime, while you wait for it to sell, you could hang it on the wall and enjoy it yourself.

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Furniture making is a fantastic way to make money online. Building custom furniture pieces takes a lot of time and hard work. The pieces you create could be seen as artwork and go for a lot more money than you might imagine. You can make anything from chairs and tables to dressers or desks. People always need furniture for their house. Even after the pieces are built you could take it a step further and give them custom paint jobs with logos or designs. Take special requests for customers so it’s unique only to them and much more valuable for you and the customer.