Getting the Best Out Of Medicare Supplement Plans – Consumer Reports

Let us zip through the Medicare supplementary plans today. But, first you should know what Medicare Supplement Plans are. These are plans which support your general Mediclaim policy. There are a few things, like co-insurance, deductibles, nurse’s facility and a few more that does not get coverage. This is where these plans come in and lessen our medical cost burden.

Medicare – All about It

Medicare has four parts, Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D.  Part A covers the domiciliary expenses, hospital care and nurse’s services. Part B covers outpatient care, healthcare facilities at home and preventive facilities. Not to forget, Part C. It is a Medicare Advantage plan. Getting Part C benefits is dependent on whether you are enrolled for Part A and B. Last but not the least, Part D. It covers prescription medicines. Medicare Supplement Plans support your medical expenses.

Medicare & You – Your One Stop Handbook

It is a consumer handbook, which has answers to all your Medicare needs. However, there is a catch here. You need to first get enrolled in Medicare to get a copy of this book. Medicare Supplement Plans also finds place here.

So, when can you enrol in Medicare? Find out at

You can either enrol in Medicare in the first three months before turning 65 years or in the preceding three months.  It is advisable to enrol in the former period, to ensure security. You should get enrolled in Part A, even before retirement. The reason being, it is complementary and requires no premium. This is when; you can receive the consumer handbook ‘Medicare & You’.

Now as per consumer reports, let us find out when you should enrol for Part B.  The answer is: If you are already retired or 65 years old, you can enrol in Part B at the same time, when enrolling in Part A. It is better that you enrol for Part B soon or else you might have to pay a late enrolment penalty.

Enrolment in Part D

You can sign up for this part, when you enrol in Part B. The Part D plan costs approximately $32. You can choose this part from First, you will need to select the plan, and then enter the pin code and you will be asked to list out the drug names. Then you need to select two medical pharmacies in the vicinity. Then check the different rules about authorization and limits.

Thus, you can get all the information in a jiffy. You need to check the right place for it!